Don’t Be.

The Brooklyn Warehouse & North Brewing Company will be opening an entirely new food & beverage operation at this location sometime in September or October. This brand new concept will feature a North Brewing Craft Beer Outlet and a totally beer-centric eatery run by the Brooklyn Warehouse. 

We will be announcing the name of this new eatery shortly.

We are not moving the existing Brooklyn Warehouse into the Nectar space; it is open for business as per usual and will continue offering our award winning service at the corner of Windsor & Almon. We are not closing North Brewing Co. on Agricola Street either; we will still be brewing and offering our great beers in North End Halifax.

We will be releasing more information on this new project in the coming weeks; including some awesome ideas and other details we have in-store for Dartmouth and this perfect location.



The Brooklyn Warehouse & North Brewing did not buy Nectar as a going concern and will not be reopening Nectar Wine Bar. If you wish to contact the owners of Nectar (Hurst Hospitality Inc.) with any concerns or inquiries (including gift card refunds) you can do so through their recognized agent as listed on the Registry of Joint Stocks:

Ian Hurst
26 Canterbury Street Dartmouth, NS
(902) 476-7861
(902) 406-3363 (902) 476-4954