Pop goes the Warehouse.... Again!


Street Food with Altitude

On Monday, February 18th, Nomad Gourmet Food Truck is coming out of hibernation and rolling up to The Brooklyn Warehouse to take over our driveway for two weeks. Chef Mark Gray and his Crew will take over from Nick Horne and cook a “Street Food” Menu from Nomad’s specialized gear (which includes a smoker!) while we do a complete rebuild of our own kitchen facilities in the restaurant.

So, we’re flipping The Brooklyn Warehouse into a Street Food Vendor in the dead of winter and offering a cozy, warm, award-winning atmosphere to dine in. Our hours will change slightly, but our remarkable dining service will not. The dining room will be open and our wine, beer, and beverage programme will continue flowing just as usual! Yes, there will be some noise now and then, but we promise… no draw-bridge this time. Oh, yeah… we’re doing another Crowdfunder to pay for all this! You can check that out here: The Kitchen Crowd

Just to recap and because its fun to say; The Brooklyn Warehouse is popping-up at The Brooklyn Warehouse as a Street Food Vendor with a crowdfund to boot. Wrap your brain around that while we wrap up some great twists on street food for you!