(Lunch or Brunch; what's the difference?)

Meatloaf Sandwich with Sunnyside Egg on Top.

Meatloaf Sandwich with Sunnyside Egg on Top.

brunch; brən(t)SH/

noun: a late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch.

lunch: lən(t)SH/

noun: a meal eaten in the middle of the day, typically one that is lighter or less formal than an evening meal. Synonyms:midday meal, luncheonbrunch, light meal, snack

What's the difference between "Brunch" and "Lunch" anyway?

Farm fresh eggs? Fresh baked bread for toast? Is it the bacon? Maybe more bacon? Is it having a cold glass of orange juice or a variety of spiked morning beverages to perk you up? Could it be the atmosphere of the place? Is it the smells from the kitchen or the hustle & bustle of breakfast being made? Maybe, it's the company you have. Or the strong coffee? It could simply be the conversation at the table, or the fog clearing from the night before?

Whatever it is that makes brunch what it is; by any other name... it's lunch with eggs!


So, why wait outside, in the cold, in the dead of winter, waiting for Brrr..unch, when you can cozy up to a table at Brooklyn and have a nice, warm lunch... with an egg on top!