Newfoundland: Real Food Rockstars

So, Unless you've been living on Mars you've likely heard of Raymond's. A restaurant nestled on the east coast in St. John's, Newfoundland. Over the last few years it has solidified itself as easily one of the top restaurants in Canada. After a visit from the WNetwork show "Million Dollar Critic" the host, Giles Coren says it should rank as one of the best in the world. In fact, to quote the eloquent host, "I've eaten at Noma, and I prefer Raymond's",    ".....which is not just the best restaurant in St. John's but is probably one of the best restaurants in the world." 

Below is a link to the HuffPost article featuring the review and of course a little video to along with it. Just so we're clear as well, this is a big deal. Having one of the top spots in the world be right here on the east coast and huge success for all thing Newfoundland. Huge congrats to Chef Jeremy Charles and the whole crew at Raymond's! Keep doing what you do!


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