What’s Up with the Pop Up?

A Pop-Up is simply one business popping up somewhere other than where you expect them. Like a clothing store taking over a coffee shop or a farmer setting up a vegetable stand in front of a restaurant they supply. It can be inside another business or some other venue or in someone’s backyard. In our case,

Nomad Gourmet Food Truck is going to park in our driveway and our cooking crew is going to cook “Street Food” on their gear for two weeks while we renovate the kitchen facilities in The Warehouse.

So, basically…. The Brooklyn Warehouse is popping up in The Brooklyn Warehouse… as a street food vendor!

Why we’re doing this?

Reason #1:

We need a new kitchen. Our cooks deserve a professional kitchen for the food they are capable of producing for our customers.

Reason #2:

We don’t want to close the restaurant, and with our friends at Nomad Gourmet Food, we don’t have to.

Reason #3:

Who doesn’t like Street Food!