raise a glass... or two!

The Nova Scotia A&G has lifted the regulation affecting eateries forced by municipal zoning to operate under the strict provisions of their Eating Establishment License, which restricted all sales of alcoholic beverages to be accompanied by the purchase of food. This created pockets throughout the city, region, and province where some food & beverage operators could offer just drinks and others who could not; which was deemed unfair to the patrons of those who could not. Alcohol & Gaming now allows eating establishment licensees to offer up to two (2) drinks per customer without a meal. The Brooklyn Warehouse was one of those eateries affected. We are extremely grateful for this change in attitude and the liberating effect it has had to our service, to our customers, and to our neighbourhood!


To Start...

Cinq à Sept

We're going to get into our own little version of that famous french evening pastime in Quebec, much akin to Happy Hour


4:30 till 7:00

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

$4/ NS Craft Beers from our Rotating Taps

$6/ Featured Red & White Wines

$15/ Half Dozen Oysters 

Main Courses!


If you work in food & beverage service, hospitality or tourism, blog or write about food+drink, or we know you as such... you get 25% off your bill (before tip, of course). If we don't know ya... bring a pay stub. The general public is more than welcome to join us; but - you just won't get the discount.


Tuesday Nights: $40 TASTING MENUS

This year, we've adding a twist. Until the end of April, Chef Steph's sous chef will be none other than Mark Gray as they both continue with their unique Black Box competition inspired as a practice run for the Canadian Culinary Championships in Kelowna, B.C., a competition they won, and placed 4th. over all separated by only .13 points from the podium.

Each Tuesday, Steph will present Mark with a Black Box of ingredients to use for that evening's tasting menu. The resulting Tasting Menus will offer a 5-course meal for $40. Come check out what they have up their sleeves! 

Get a reservation; these have been very popular, and fill up quick!


Wednesdays: $1 CORKAGE as always... 

Our extremely popular $1 corkage is here to stay. Bring a special bottle to the resto and celebrate an evening with good friends, food, and drink!



11:30am till 3:30pm

What's the difference between Lunch and Brunch... anyway?

Find out here.