2014 Sailor Jerry Long Haul Tour

This is less than a week away! A great event in support of Bikers for Autism, our man chef Andrew Prince of Ace Burger Co. will be putting together a couple special items using the very rum that's responsible for putting on this great event! Stay tuned to the blog for details and be sure to check it out on Monday, August 18th!

Also; if you ride and wish to join the tour along the Atlantic leg just follow this link for more info and how to register - bikersforautism.com

Ride up to Ace@Gus’ for this one!

Local Tasting Tours Podcast Feat. Ace Burger Co.

A little while ago our main man, Chef Andrew Prince of Ace Burger Co. got together with the local tasting tours crew along with Margo from Dine Deck and had a chat about burgers, sweet discount promotions and all the delicious things that come along with both. Have a look below and be sure to check out their other podcasts for some great Halifax business happenings!


Canada Day Hours

This is a reminder to all you beautiful citizens out there that The Brooklyn Warehouse will be CLOSED for Canada Day July 1st. We will reopen for regular service on Wedensday, June 2nd.  


But... and there’s always a but...

Ace Burger’s two locations are open today, each serving up something special on this, our birthday too! Ace@Bearly’s is serving up Jughead Poutine, a real spin on our infamous BurgerWeek feature and Ace@Gus’ is giving away a Strawberry Whip Cream Biscuit with every burger purchased. Check out the twitter feed for more of what’s going on.

Happy Birthday Ace!

Right Some Good Food Festival

     This weekend, Halifax is going to be bumping with good eats as The Right Some Good Food Festival touches in downtown. For Sunday, June 29th Spring Garden Rd. will be closed off to cars and hungry pedestrians will rule the road! Chefs from all over the world are going to be taking place in this street level food fair. Competitions, demonstrations and full-on Naval ship fancy dinners are just some of the events happening this weekend! Here is a link to the website where you will find the what's-what of the event. Get ready Halifax, it's gonna be "RightSomeGood"!


Even science is better with bacon!

We all know and love bacon. One of the great things about this wonder food is the smell when it hits the pan. As a kid, being able to smell breakfast cooking from the kitchen while you were still in bed or walking into your favourite diner and having it hit you like a sac of delicious bricks! For me, the smell is one of a kind and has a special place in my memory banks. Not until recently did I wonder "what exactly makes this smell so great?" Well as always, the internet comes to the rescue as someone out there with a fancy science degree and great animation skills has put together a little video that explains it all. So, time to pull back the curtain and expose the science of why bacon has that special something. 

Father's Day Prix-Fixe

     This year we're going to be running a special "made-for-dad" prix-fixe menu the weekend of Father's Day. On Friday, June 13th and Saturday, June 14th we will be taking extra reservations and giving you the chance to bring Dad in for a meal that will surely make up for any trouble you got into when you were young. Because after all, grudges are for suckers but a crazy delicious meal will set you free!! Check out the menu below and contact the Resto to make you reservations TODAY! 

Dear Halifax

When we learned about this year's "Best of Food" results we could't have been more humbled by the support this city has show us over the years. Last year when we decided to move forward with the daily-changing chalkboard menu we were very aware that this change was a big jump from our regular service but change is something we've always been about here at The Brooklyn Warehouse. In this industry you have to stay consistent but at the same time you have to give your customers an exciting experience and keep people interested in what's going on. From our crowdfunding-based renovation projects to the monthly menus all the way up to our daily-changing chalkboard menus it has been our goal to deliver a rock solid dining experience while keeping things fresh, new and engaging. Above is a video shot by Doug Townsend back in october that gives you some insight into the "whys" and "hows" behind our evolution! Again, WE LOVE YOU TOO HALIFAX! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR NORTH END HEARTS!    


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